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Become a Rope Rescue Technician

Our Rope Rescue Course is a NFPA 1006 compliant program. Peak Rescue trains students both inside and outside as well as from fundamental learning environments to real-world scenarios. Students have access to state of the art simulated environments and sites.

Rope Rescue courses are designed to give individuals different levels of Rope Rescue education and certifications. All courses align with NFPA standards and train individuals and organizations to be competent in:

Site Control: Individuals/teams will be able to manage a scene to prevent accidents and identify potential hazards.

Incident Identification:  Individuals/teams will be able to identify whether an accident site will require operations level or technician level response.

Rescue Response: Individuals/teams will be able to perform simple patient rescues on both low and high-angle terrain, perform operations requiring a team to lower and raise a litter and/or a litter attendant, and perform High Lines that fit the situation.

Gear/Equipment Usage: Individuals/teams will be able to use their own gear effectively and efficiently, as well as having exposure and hands-on access/learning to other gear and equipment, including some of the newest gear on the market.


Rope Rescue Operations:  Teams and individuals are provided a strong foundation in the basic skills necessary to perform job relevant rope rescues.  Students receive theory/classroom instruction as well as rigorous hands-on rescue scenarios using both familiar gear as well as some of the newest gear/equipment on the market.

Rope Rescue Technician:  This advanced rope rescue course takes Rope Rescue to the next level! Teams and individuals build on the foundational skills to perform some of the most technically demanding rescues.  Our seasoned instructors update and revise this course continually to bring you the latest equipment, systems, and techniques.   Teams and individuals can expect to receive some training in a classroom setting, although most of the training is through hands-on scenarios, melding principles and techniques from skill sets used by those working in technical rope rescue, fire rescue, tower rescue, confined space rescue, search and rescue (SAR), mountain rescue, urban search and rescue (USAR), helicopter operations, swiftwater rescue, tactical maneuvers & rescue, industrial rope access, theatrical rope access, building & structure inspection or maintenance, rope rigging, and general work-at-height.

Don’t see what you want?  Peak Rescue specializes in tailoring classes to fit your team and workplace.  Contact us to design a class for you!

Successful students will be able to:

  • Access a patient which requires rescuers to climb up or down natural or manmade structures
  • Perform a high-angle rope rescue of a person suspended from, or stranded on, a structure or landscape feature and manage the movement of this person.
  • Understand and apply the physic principles involved in constructing rope rescue systems, including system safety factors, critical angles, and the causes and effects of force multipliers
  • Perform a high-angle rope rescue with a litter using tender(s) to negotiate obstacles, manipulate or position the patient, or provide medical care while being raised and lowered
  • Move a patient packaged in a litter up and over an edge during a raising operation with a rope system
  • Select, construct, and use a high-line rope system to move a rescuer and a patient along a horizontal path above an obstacle or projection.

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