Confined Space

Confined Space Rescue

When Rescue Happens in a Compact Space

With the high level of confined space incidents and accidents in the workplace, it is imperative that employers ensure their employees and contractors are properly trained in the identification of and working within a confined space.

Over 60% of all fatalities involving confined spaces occurred during the rescue of a stricken worker and as such the ability to carry out an effective and above all, safe rescue of any injured or unresponsive person is imperative.

Peak Rescue Confined Space Entry & Rescue training is a fully hands-on course spread over three days. It is completely OSHA compliant and involves not only all the necessary theoretical knowledge but also practical training involved in entering, working and exiting a confined space, safely both with and without a breathing apparatus. Our course also includes the safe planning and execution of a rescue from within a confined space using different types of manual retrieval techniques and devices.

All of our courses are taught using our training simulations and equipment at one of our three training facilities, or we can design an on-site workplace, training program specific to your needs.

Rescuer safety; team evaluation; pre-planning; supplied air breathing systems; atmospheric monitoring; communications systems; personal protective equipment; patient packaging and recovery; tripods and other artificial high anchor points; lock-out, tag-out; rope systems for confined space entry and rescue, and more.

NFPA Confined Space and Rope Rescue

Course Duration:  6 days;

Course Format: Classroom and practical exercises

Our 6-day Combination Confined Space/Rope Rescue Awareness & Operations course is a condensed program that takes advantage of the fact that many skills crossover between both disciplines (e.g. creating a mechanical advantage pulley system).  Successful participants will gain the knowledge and skills to be an Operations level rescuer as outlined in NFPA 1006. Building on the Basic Rescuer foundation skills, participants will be challenged to approach technical scenarios in a High Angle environment and will be introduced to rescue in a Confined Space environment. The course includes theory in a classroom environment but focuses on a hands-on approach to learning new equipment and refining techniques.

Successful participants will be given two certificates: Confined Space Rescue, Awareness & Operations and Rope Rescue, Awareness & Operations.

Skills taught include:

  • Define a confined space
  • Identify types of confined spaces
  • Explain the different hazard types found in spaces
  • Mitigate hazards and perform control techniques
  • Utilize personal protective equipment
  • Comprehend basic atmospheric monitoring concepts
  • Direct a team in the operation of simple and compound rope mechanical advantage system
  • Direct a lowering/raising operations in high-angle and confined space environments
  • Construct a multiple-point anchor system
  • Construct a compound rope mechanical advantage system
  • Ascend/Descend a fixed rope in a high-angle environment
  • Tie and use knots, bends, and hitches

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