Influencers in the wild 

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In today’s social media-driven world, it’s common to see people trying to become influencers in various fields, including the technical rescue world. However, the pursuit of likes and followers does not necessarily make one an expert in the craft. In fact, the focus on social media can distract from the real work of becoming proficient […]

Rescue For You

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I truly enjoy getting to work alongside the many groups of people and teams I train. Just recently, I was invited to do a confined space training with an amazing crew. Upon my arrival, they showed me the two rescue systems they bought online and needed training on how to use. I could quickly see […]

My gear-mance: The ASAP and ASAP Lock

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 You read that right, I have basically fallen in love with the Petzl ASAP.  Why you might ask?  It is simply one of the most versatile pieces of rescue gear on the market.  It was first introduced to the Rope Access world, and due to its versatility and user-friendly design, it quickly moved into every […]